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Hey, I'm Janey

I'm passionate about inclusive, and digitally-accessible content and communications.

I’m a content and communications expert with a focus on tech.

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Growing up in a military family, I traveled throughout my childhood, living on Guam, the Philippines, and more. My nomadic upbringing sparked a passion for communication, technology, and art. How do I create community or keep in touch? Because of the challenges of language barriers, I’ve had a lifetime of fun exploration in how to communicate authentically.

I have editorial, strategic, and product management experience at companies ranging from small, nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international. I’ve created and managed content for Shopify, GitHub, Carnegie Mellon University, and more!

A few hobbies and interests
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What can I do for you?

Overview of Content Services

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Brainstorming and General Consulting


Stuck on a narrative? Need to explain benefits of a feature to the reader? Let’s establish our collective Galaxy Brain via 1:1 meetings, retrospectives, and FigJams.



Do you know the content your audience wants to see? Are you in need of updating personas so you can write to their needs? Let me help you with user interviews, card sorting, and general research.

Brand and Content Guidelines


I can create or help establish how we want an audience to view your company through development of company-wide guidelines for content + design systems. I’ll craft a narrative with takeaways that keep the content in our audience’s minds long after it’s digested.

Grammar, terminology, and style audit
Voice and tone guide for consistency
Inclusive and digitally accessible language (violent language reduction)
Identify personas and actions
User flow guidance
Recommendations on user testing, analytics, and SEO

Narratives and Storytelling


I’ll craft a narrative with takeaways that keep the content in our audience’s minds long after it’s digested.

Thought Leadership
Customer stories + interviews



Whether I’m creating guidelines or following them, I’ll review copy and technical content to provide guidance with an extra lens on digital accessibility, localization, and inclusive language. This includes pairing with product and engineering to understand technical concepts (if appropriate), as it relates to the audience, to establish a balanced review process.

Content Processes


Let me create or update processes that scale with you and your team.

Editorial calendar creation + guidelines
Template creation and guidelines (in support of content efforts, such as email and blog templates, and GitHub issue templates)
Maintaining terminology guidelines (with consideration for branded verbiage and potentially “tricky” terms)

General Marketing


Event, product, go-to-market, or campaigns involving:

Blogging + Ghostwriting
Communication Plans
Email + social media campaigns (LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
External partner posts
Hackathon event + aftermath posts
Outreach materials
Triggered email events
(from sign-ups, waitlists, user flows)
Product datasheets, e-books, brochures
Manuals, factory and site acceptance tests, training course materials

UX Copy and General Copywriting


Landing pages, marketing pages, webinars, user interfaces—I have experience writing for many industries, large and small, including Fortune 500 companies.

Content Design


From landing pages to product/feature release campaigns, I take a holistic look at the overall content and desired outcome to create effective communication plans with wireframes, milestones, and service level agreements.

Content strategy
Establishing UX for user flows
Creating sitemaps, page hierarchy, and taxonomy
Conducting user interviews

Video and Podcast Scripting


Want to connect with your audience beyond words? I've worked on video and podcasts too!

Video and/or podcast strategy
Drafting and storyboarding
Refreshing existing media
Feedback and review
(with accessibility guidance)

SEO Research and Strategy


Find out what keywords are connecting with your audience and how to engage with them on trending topics and thought leadership. Using findings from research, we'll create a strategy that ranks highly and delights readers.

AI Prompting and Resources (for content)


Learn how to use AI to supercharge writing for your team. Whether you want to create a content GPT to review your articles, or leverage AI for research, I'll help you understand how AI can work for you.

Tool / service consulting
How to use AI for drafting content
How to use AI for research
Creating a content GPT

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